7.4. Serial Number

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7.4. Serial Number


Three months after the first usage, Anatella might ask you for a serial number.


If you are using the free version of Anatella, the serial number is, of course, free.

(We are only using serial numbers to keep track of the Anatella users).


You can obtain a new serial number by following this procedure:


1.Get the Hardware-ID of your computer. This Hardware-ID uniquely identifies your computer. The Serial-Number that you will receive is computed based on your Hardware-ID and it won’t work on another computer. To get your Hardware-ID, Click the “Enter Serial” button.







Alternatively, you can also obtain your Hardware-ID by running the “TIMiEnterLicense.exe” program that is located inside your Anatella installation directory

(Typically, you’ll run the file “C:\Program Files\TIMi\bin\TIMiEnterLicense.exe”):




The following “TIMi License Information” window should now be visible:




Please Note your Hardware-ID (you can use copy/paste) (in the example above, it is “BM0T4AQ3R3K84M10Q6”). You can copy/paste your Hardware-ID directly inside the e-mail.


2.Send your Hardware-ID to sales@business-insight.com (or any other representative of the TIMi software). It’s better to copy/paste your Hardware-ID directly inside the e-mail.


A Business-Insight sales-representative will send you back an e-mail that contains your license information (i.e. your “Registration Name” and your “Serial Number”).